New CSC Strawberry Festival Berry Stops

The 2016 Berry Bus Stops

New to the Strawberry Festival for 2016 are the Berry Bus Stops. Last year we had records crowds to the festival and we expect this year to be even larger. To help reduce some of the congestion, we’re introducing Berry Bus Stops. Every 15 minutes a bus will drive to each of the stops and pick people up and take them to the festival. It’s an idea we hope will continue. Check the online map at the Berry Bus stop webpage for your nearest location.

Look out soon for a great social media contest at the Berry Stops!

For more information, check out the Berry Bus Stop webpage.


  1. Hi! What should we do since we don’t live in Cape St. Claire? Is there a specific bus we should take, place we should park, etc? How will we know which roads will be closed and at what times? Thanks!

  2. At what time intervals will the bus be departing the festival – the length of time it takes to make the circuit, every 1/2 hour, etc.? And what time is the last departure from the festival? Thanks.

    • The circuit will go around every 20-30 minutes. That’s going to depend on traffic and usage, of course. Last bus should leave at 7:30.

  3. I am planning to attend the festival and my 92 year old Mom and two friends also want to come. One of them uses a walker. What they’ll be interested in is strawberry food things. I don’t know how much walking might be involved and whether or not this might not be too much for them. Love the idea of the busses and would think a walker wouldn’t be a problem on the bus?

    • We will have a handicap parking area. These are school buses so should support a walker just fine. See you there!

    • There is a beach but the main festival area is grassy. You won’t be the only one pushing a stroller around!

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