Update – 6/2/2018 7:44am… The parade and festival are ON for today. We’ll see you there!

As the Strawberry Festival Committee, We believe it is important that we address the unfortunate chance of rain for our beloved event this Saturday. As you can imagine, our committee begins watching the weather reports a month in advance and continuously prays for a beautiful sunny day. However, we are not in control of the weather and every few years, we are faced with the possibility of a storm.

With that in mind, please understand that this event does not only require thousands of upfront money from our Strawberry Festival fund (money that is earned from the previous years event) but also hundreds and hundreds of dollars that each crafter and vendor spends in preparation of the event. We have dozens of small businesses as well as girl scouts, boy scouts and church groups and other non-profits that use this event as their major fundraiser for the year. It brings us joy when these groups walk away with money to fulfill whatever goal they are striving towards.

Therefore, it is a very hard decision for us when it comes to calling the festival due to the rain. Therefore, WE DO NOT DECIDE UNTIL THE MORNING OF THE EVENT. Our vendors and crafters begin set up at 6 am and if the weather is okay, then the festival proceeds as normal. We know that there may be chances of showers throughout the day, but we encourage the CSC community to come out early and take part in the event to help the small non-profits and businesses that are there. None of us are able to control the weather, so we ask that you bring your support and positive vibes for a sunny and beautiful day.

We ask that you please use this facebook page as a resource to message us and ask us any questions the day of and refrain from calling our coordinator as, you can imagine, we are all running around like crazy people the morning of. We promise to update you as soon as possible but UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, THE FESTIVAL WILL BE PROCEEDING AS PLANNED ON SATURDAY JUNE 2ND WITH THE PARADE BEGINING AT 10 AM FROM THE CSC FIRE HOUSE.

As always, thank you for your support during this great event. We love putting it on for the community as much as the community loves attending.

— Mary Lamb & The CSC Strawberry Festival Committee

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